There are two ways to launch Safe Mode on your computer either via the settings menu, if you can access it, or when you reach the sign-in screen. If one application is conflicting with another, starting up in Safe Mode will help with this too. Your computer will restart and the options screen will be displayed, then select “Troubleshoot”. On theAdvanced Boot Optionsscreen, use the arrow keys to highlight the safe mode option you want, and then pressEnter. Safe mode scanning works by detecting the security issues in the computer. In case you would like to undo the changes, use MSCONFIG.

To disable startup apps in Windows 11, scroll down and press the slider next to any active app in the list. When the slider is in theOff position, it will no longer launch automatically once you restart your PC. If you already have WSL installed and want the Store version, you can run ‘wsl –update’to update to it. Previously, installing WSL required using a Powershell or Windows Command Prompt command and restarting the PC. Microsoft also deployed updates to WSL via Windows Update. When a question like this is asked, it is hard to compare the older MacBooks to the current batch today.

The issue with this was there was no sound, so I followed your instructions and now I have sound in safe mode. Please follow the steps all over from step 1 through 8 mentioned on this page. After reading this article you would be able to enable sound in safe mode so in other words you would be able to play audio songs in safe mode. Right click anywhere on Windows desktop, choose Display settings or Personalize. If you are able to load and access your Windows account, but Start menu is NOT working.

The Setup

I have been working on it daily and I managed to get Windows 10 x86 installed. Hopefully this saves folks having to redo their Win10 setup if they’d otherwise prefer not to. Note that it may take up to 15 minutes in creating the Windows 10 USB.

Prior to that, he wrote for RCR Wireless News covering 5G and IoT. When he’s not tinkering with devices, you can find Phillip playing video games, reading, traveling or watching soccer. If you take a more conservative approach with your tech by sticking with what works, then you may as well keep Windows 10 around. There are some genuinely useful new features in this new version, but those are undone by questionable changes, particularly those made to the Taskbar.

Key Takeaways From Un Secretary

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To my surprise once the recovery was done the laptop was in english!!! As the day it came, from store but in english and I could recover everything. That is a plus that i could not fully understand why but I hope it would be helpful.

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